Hibernia Express, Brean, Somerset

Hibernia express is a new transatlantic cable connecting the UK Ireland & the USA, running directly between data centers in Slough, UK (Equinix LD4) & New York, USA (Equinix NY4).

The new network was designed to be the fastest connection between the UK and USA, beating Global Crossing’s latency by 5ms, which doesn’t seem like a lot but in latency sensitive financial trading, each millisecond counts.

The under sea sections were laid between Halifax, Nova Scotia and onto  Brean, UK with a spur going to Cork, Ireland. The picture above is Brean Cable Landing Station, on land owned by Brean Leisure Park (Planning Application Number:06/15/00004) 

The land sections runs through Chippenham and through to Slough. Break-through technology was used as the true speed of light is found within a vacuum, so the 4,800km fibre is a hollow glass tube rather than a solid glass fibre. Truespeed, a FTTH provider in North East Somerset have purchased leased lines along the route for FTTH cabinets.

Owner: GTT
Built in:
Built By:
Hibernia Networks
Cable: Hibernia Express
Cost: £190m
Capacity: 53 Tbps
Latency: 58.95ms


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