Skewjack, Cornwall

The Skewjack site has a long history with the UK’s communications, starting during World War 2, RAF Sennen was based here due to the great radio reception towards the Atlantic, 100m high masts in adjoining fields supported radar antennae as part of an early warning radar station which could detect ships and low flying aircraft up to 20 miles away in the Western Approaches.

A ”village” of huts were built to house service men and remained  operational until the 1970’s. where it changed hands to the Post Office, to house satellite and mobile networking equipment. The village was adopted by surfers who nicknamed it screwjack. 

A new submarine cable terminating station building was constructed by E. Thomas (Mowlem) Ltd in 1997, which went onto winning the 2002 CPRE RIBA Cornwall Architecture Award for Local Architects Poynton Bradbury Winter Cole.

FLAG Europe Asia was completed first in 1997 with a cable leaving via Porthcurno and onto 18 landing points until it reaches Miura, Japan

FLAG Atlantic 1 cable was completed in 2001,  leaving via Sennen and heads towards New York. Joint financed by GTS & Flag for $1.1bn.

Owner: Reliance
Built in: 1997

Built By:
FLAG EA – Porthcurno 
FLAG A1  – Sennen Cove

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