Cable & Wireless, Brean, Somerset

This cable landing station was built by Mercury Communications (Cable & Wireless) in 1989 for the PTAT-1 cable. The US side was managed by Sprint and was the first cable to end to monopoly held by BT & AT&T. 

It was decommissioned at 02:00 hours on 8 February 2004 after it became unviable with over-investment by competitors, who dropped their prices drastically after they re-emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy with little or no debts, something Cable & Wireless was unable to do. 

As part of the TAT-11 installation, Cable & Wireless added a spur to Brean from Swansea in 1993, this connection will be decommissioned in 2018

Owned By: Vodafone
Built in: 
Built By:
 Mercury Communications (Cable & Wireless)

Cable: Brean to Swansea
Decommissioned: 2018

Cable: PTAT-1
Decommissioned: 2004

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