BT Kings Hill, Bude

With internet growth rising in the late 1990’s and a race to build transatlantic cables, a consortium funded project to connect the United States and the European Union (United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark)

Like with TAT-3 & TAT-8, BT managed the UK-side operations such as the cable landing station and land-cables. Due to the size and critical operation of the new cable, a new cable landing station was built. 

Widemouth exchange where TAT-8 came ashore wasn’t big enough and the local Bude exchange was land-locked by residential streets

The Land-locked Bude Exchange (Serves 4500+)

BT selected land on the near by Kings Hill Industrial Estate and construction started in 2000, completing in 2001. The designed capacity 9.38 Tbit/s via 4 fibres (2 in use, 2 as backup) in a ring configuration gives this network maximum resiliency. 

Fujitsu fielded a total of 30 teams, with 5 trenching machines, to complete the 80km 4-way duct route, which included the installation of 80 MRX2 manholes and associated jointing chambers. Running from Widemouth Bay to Mevagissey, the project was co-ordinated by Fujitsu’s Network Support Services division from a central management office in Honiton, Devon.

The new Kings Hill Cable Landing Station

If you’re a BT based broadband customer, it’s likely any traffic bound for the USA passes this cable landing station. 

Owner: BT
Built in: 
Built By:
Cable: TAT-14
1x > St-Valery-en-Caux, France
1x > Tuckerton, New Jersey, USA 
Capacity: 9.38 Tbit/s

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