Cable & Wireless CLS, Bude

Built in 2001 for Cable & Wireless & Alcatel at Creathorne Farm, Bude (Planning Permission) for the Apollo transatlantic cable. Due to the size of the landing station, it was always planned for multiple cables and in 2011, two further cables were brought in via Widemouth bay. 

Even though it’s located behind a Chicken farm, a news reporter broke in and took photos of the air conditioning units inside before being confronted. Security is said to have been stepped up.

In 2018, Vodafone sold 25% of the capacity of Apollo – a complete pair of fibres to an unmanaged client for £50.0m. Until the end of its working life.

Owner: Vodafone
Built in: 
Built By: 
Cable & Wireless
Apollo North (C&W Alcatel) – 2003
To: Shirley, New York at 3.2 Tbit/s
Glo-1 (Nigerian Globacom) – 2011
To: Lagos, Nigeria at 2.5 Tbit/s
EIG (Consortium) – 2011
To: Mumbai, India at 3.84 Tbit/s

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