Home Farm, Oxwich Bay, Swansea

This cable landing station was built by Mercury Communications (Cable & Wireless) for the 1993 TAT-11 cable from AT&T in Manahawkin, New Jersey, USA, it had a capacity of 560 Mb/s and was decommissioned in 2004.

As part of the TAT-11 installation, Cable & Wireless added a spur to Brean in 1993, this connection will be decommissioned in 2018. 

In 1998, Cable & Wireless & Worldcom, terminated their Gemini north cable from Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA, which had 55Gb/s of capacity and was decommissioned in 2005. 

In 1999, Cable & Wireless & eircom ran the Solas cable to Kilmore Quay, Ireland. All cables come in at Oxwich Bay and head upto Home Farm, Reynoldston. 

Home Farm in 2018

The latest Google map image taken in 2018 shows civil engineering work taking place. In the top left is a team working on a route to Oxwich Bay with a trail of cut grass and another team doing work in the car park of the CLS and what could be the Vodafone red van’s parked outside. 

Owned By: Vodafone
Built in: 
Built By:
 Mercury Communications (Cable & Wireless)

Cable: Solas
(eircom – Kilmore Quay, Ireland)

Cable: Brean to Swansea
Decommissioned: 2018

Cable: Gemini North
to Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA
Decommissioned: 2005

Cable: TAT-11
to Manahawkin, New Jersey, USA
Decommissioned: 2004

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