Whitesands CLS

Built in 1999 as the fastest transatlantic cable, it became the leading financial link between NSE & LSE. With 65ms latency, global Crossing wanted this cable to be fast and it was and remained unbeaten for 16 years, until Hibernia Express came along. Global Crossing also laid the PEC (UK Ireland) south cable to Ballygrangans in 2000.

A high security presence has been observed here, since a news reporter broke in and look photo’s of air conditioning units. 

Owner: CenturyLink
Built in: 
Built By: 
Global Crossing 
Cable: Atlantic Crossing-1 (AC-1)
1x > Brookhaven, New York, USA
Capacity: 40Gbps (Now 120Gbps)

Pan European Crossing (UK-Ireland) South
1x >  Ballygrangans, Ireland

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