The demon is dead….

That’s right, Hell has frozen over…..
One of the major brands of the 1999’s is gone. Slowly shrinking since its buyout and finally, has been mothballed at the expense of its owners, Vodafone. The brand currently has 15k customers and is still using legacy ADSL2+ technology and refused to upgrade onto FTTC, something its owners are heavily involved with. is iconic, almost on par with Vodafone themselves in many opinions. Founded in 1992 after a whip-round on beardie bore board CiX, founder Cliff Stanford. Sold onto Scotting Telecom and then onto Cable & Wireless who then got bought by Vodafone.

A Vodafone spokesperson told us: “Turning off our legacy technologies is critical to ensure we are investing for the future, reducing our energy costs and making sure our customers are able to take advantage of the latest broadband services. We would like to thank all our loyal customers of Demon Broadband and we very much hope they stay with us.”

We think it should be saved, sold on or reused for real ”bare metal” broadband for business and hardcore internet users.
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