TrueSpeed in Peasedown St John

From a new connection cabinet on Wellow Lane, TrueSpeed is now installing their network across the 6,500 households in the area. Their overhead FTTH network is using Western Power Distribution poles to hang their cables.

Other areas already rolled out around the Chew Valley and across the Somerset Levels, with consultations in Rooksbridge, Mark & East Brent.

With minimum speeds being provided for a premium price and aim to hit 200,000 by 2025, it will be interesting how far they will get. With Gigaclear now virtually abandoning its rollout plans and doing things their own way, is giving TureSpeed extra time to get their network rolled out in overlapping areas and get customers signed up.

We believe Truespeed used the Hibernia Express fibre route for network connectivity, however, we’ve spotted a cabinet along the A38 which we think is using Vodafone fibres, with a Gigaclear cabinet a few miles south, we think, doing the same. This would suggest the Hibernia Express fibre initially used was for their Chew Valley rollout.

More investigating is needed. Check back soon!


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