Cable & Wireless, Winterton-on-Sea, Norfolk

This cable landing station was built by BT in 1964 and used as a cable landing station between Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands. It also played a major role in BT’s radio network linking London to Europe. 

In the late 1980’s, Racal Telecom marketed a 40 Gbps pan-UK route via MCI Worldcom Cornwall, through Bristol, Reading, London & Winterton on sea. 

In 1991 – 3.6 Gb/s consisting of 2 fibre pairs at 1.8 Gb/s per pair to Germany – Laid by BT

In 1997 UK-NETHERLANDS 14 between Winterton on Sea, England – Egmond, Holland was laid by BT & Cable & Wireless.

Owned By: BT
Built in: 
Built By:

Cable: UK – Netherlands 14


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