Polgate & Pevensey Bay

Polgate has two points of presence built in 1998, ready for the
Circe South cable from Cayeux-sur-Mer, France. Built on Dittons Road by Viatel & VTLWavenet, a pan-European network with approximately 450 km of fibre, landing at Pevensey Bay, travels through POPs in London and Egham, across to a second landing station at Lowestoft in Suffolk.

Unlike many providers, Viatel & VTLWavenet does not use the Channel Tunnel for European connections, with fibre running instead through Lowestoft to the east of England and Polegate on the south coast.

Recent companies house searches show Unit 5 Chaucer Business Park, Dittons Road, Polegate as a network Point of presence. This document also reveals a network route with repeaters at Pakenham, Dunmow, Egham, Crawley & Lowestoft.

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