The Rise of GTT

First of all the Hibernia network acquisition was impressive, adding
10.16 Tbps of capacity via the Atlantic cable and 53 Tbps from the Express cable (Also boasting the lowest latency US – UK route).

Over the last few years, CenturyLink has also made some pretty impressive acquisitions with Level3 Communications complete with the ex-Global Crossing network.

The other only major league competitors are Tata Communications (ex Tycom) and Vodafone (ex Cable & Wireless). In 2018, a contributor spotted old Tycom covers being replaced with Vodafone covers near Taunton, suggesting Tata Communications have leased or sold these duct routes, there’s no official word on this.

As of March 2019, Western Power Telecoms (ex Surf Telecoms) has started civil engineering works ahead of the decommissioning of an overhead cable route between Bridgwater and Avonmouth. This route is also suspected to be a fibre route for Surf Telecom. This work involves street works listed as ”B3139 Mark Road, Watchfield, Highbridge at the Junction of Pillmore Lane to perform 380m trenching in tarmac road and grass verge and 17m road crossing in tarmac road for installation of surf telecom ducts to GTT chamber.”

The only cable route on this road is Tycom/Tata communication route from Highbridge to Slough. GTT (ex Hibernia) also has a cable route from Brean to Slough on a slightly different route, further north. This entry looks like GTT are also leasing/buying duct space with Tata Communications. Further research required.

It’s also noted that Truespeed made a deal with Hibernia before GTT acquired them for connectivity along the Express route. This might be in-line with further Turespeed expansion. It might also be Gigaclear who also has street side equipment cabinets along the Express route.

Are these signs of things to come moving away from BT or is this just a Surf Telecom arrangement. For those who don’t know who Western Power Telecoms (ex Surf Telecoms) are? They are Western Power distributions telecoms arm, starting as Surf Telecoms, They provide fibre and point 2 point layer 2 network connections. This is how major isp’s connect their equipment to their data centres.


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